7C's lesson attendance absence policy is as follows;

You will receive a make-up lesson if you cancel PRIOR to your classes cut off time. If your class time is BEFORE 2:00pm, your cut off time is 8:00am the day of your lesson. If your class time is AFTER 2:00pm, your cut off time is 10:00am the day of your lesson.

The make-up lesson can be scheduled anytime within 3 months from the date of the cancellation. We will accept cancellation calls, voicemails, web-form submission and or email notifications. On occasion 7C's Swim School will need to cancel a lesson, in which case your account will be credited the lesson cost for that lesson.

A recent Study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)  A division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Swimming Lessons Do Not Increase Drowning Risk in Young Children --Link

 Items to bring for Safety Week

· Swimsuit (under clothes)

· A Spring outfit that can get wet and possibly ruined (e.g. An old pair of pants, an old shirt,  an old pair of shoes, and a jacket).

· A plastic bag to take wet clothes home.

· A dry pair of clothes to wear home.

· A towel.

During PTC week we would like to invite you to participate in our Safety Portion.  Safety week will consist of some safety stations, including one where the students will be swimming with their “Spring” clothes on and without goggles. 

This will simulate what it would be like for them to fall into the water, completely dressed and how they should react if this were to occur.  We encourage you to participate because we want your children to be as safe as possible around water.  If you are not interested in this service, please inform your instructor PRIOR to your  lesson.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.  Have fun and swim safe!


Water safety is important at 7C's Swim School!

We believe above all that children and adults should know and understand the rules and techniques required to float and swim in any water condition.

We are committed to making children and adults safe in and near water. The effective use of technique is essential for safe swimming, especially because our community is virtually surrounded by water ways. Our primary objective for beginning swimmers is to prepare them for the aquatic atmosphere. We focus on overall comfort in the water and basic safety; holding onto the wall, surfacing and reaching for the wall, etc. We cover these skills as the swimmer learns to float. As the swimmer progresses we focus on proper technique and efficiency in all types of water. Correctly performing a stroke will not only contribute to one's enjoyment of swimming as a form of exercise, but it can also be a life-saving skill.


There are many simple, water safety rules that you can teach children to ensure their safety in or near water:


Water Safety Rules:

  • Learn to swim
  • Never swim alone
  • No glass containers around a pool or spa
  • No diving in shallow water
  • No Running or Horseplay
  • Keep all electrical appliances away from the pool or spa
  • Don't jump in the water to save someone who is in trouble; throw something to them for assistance
  • Only swim in clear weather, and head for cover when a storm threatens
  • Know your local emergency number: 911

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