Answer: All of our instructors, whether they have prior experience or not, go through a total of 31 hours of in-house training before teaching lessons. All of the training is done by senior staff specifically trained in our teaching method. Our method is to teach the children safety and survival in the water, as well as the more advanced swim strokes techniques. In-water clinics are held 6 times a year to ensure everyone is using the latest and most effective teaching techniques. Most importantly, each instructor is taught how to assess and tailor each lesson to the student's needs and skill level.
Answer: Since the lessons are individual, they are typically at a much faster pace and demand more from each child. We also teach children as young as 6 months. For these two reasons we have created the schedule in 15 min increments.  For some of our older or more advanced students, we may recommend that you schedule two lessons back-to-back for an equivalent 30 min lesson.
Answer: During a lesson, each student has the instructor's undivided attention for 15-30 minutes. This focused learning helps the child to quickly gain necessary swim skills. The students are then encouraged to stay in the pool and play or practice the skills they worked on with their instructor.
Answer: While your child is taking their lesson you can sit poolside and observe their progress. Please keep in mind that while your child is participating in the free swim area you are responsible for supervising them as we do not have a lifeguard on duty.
Answer: We keep our pool around 90 degrees.
Answer: We use chlorine. We keep our chemicals at the following levels.  P.H at 7.4-7.5.  Chlorine at 2.0-3.0 ppm (parts per million)
Answer: We offer two sessions during the year. With our year-round schedule you are able to start at any time. Because the lessons are individual, we can provide great scheduling flexibility to better serve your needs.
Answer: No. Your lessons will continue until proper notice is given per our policies. You may change your scheduled spot at any time. Simply contact our office for assistance.
Answer: With the flexibility of our scheduling you may sign-up at any point. You can find out what permanent lesson times are available by either calling the office at 425-486-7233 or registering online via our website.
Answer: Yes. With the flexibility of our lessons you can schedule an evaluation lesson anytime without having to commit to a specific number of lessons. When you sign up for an evaluation lesson our registration fee is postponed and you are only responsible for the price of that lesson. However, once you decide to book additional lessons the registration fee will apply.
Answer: When paying for lessons you can enroll in our Direct Debit program in which we charge either your credit/debit card or bank account for your monthly installment.  If you are enrolling in a term booking, we will need to receive payment in full at the time of booking.  If you chose not to enroll in our Direct Debit program we ask that you pre-pay for the month; we accept payments in the form of Master Card, Visa, Check, or cash.
Answer: The installments will be taken from your chosen method (Bank / Credit Card) on the 1st of every month. The amount processed will reflect the number of lessons for that specific month x lesson cost x  # of times a week. 1/2 hours count as two lessons. For example; if you only swim on Mondays for 15 mins and there are 5 Mondays in that month then your installment will be (lesson cost x 5 x 1).
Answer: We understand that some of our students and parents become fond of a particular instructors. We are also aware that students may respond differently to some instructors. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee an instructor's availability and we always reserve the right to change instructors if necessary.
Answer: Since each individual child is so different, it is really hard for us to even begin to honestly answer that question. What we can tell you is that with the focused one-on-one attention that we are able to provide, your child will swim when they feel comfortable and are ready.
Answer: If you are unable to attend a lesson, you have until 10:00am the day of your lesson (8:00am Saturdays) to cancel and receive a make-up lesson. You then have 3 months to schedule that make-up. If you cancel after the 10:00/8:00am deadline for any reason, you will not be eligible to receive a make-up lesson.
Answer: Simply contact our office or view our openings tab above.
Answer: If you need to cancel your lesson(s) a 14 day written notice is requested to ensure proper withdrawal from classes and chosen payment method. When you cancel, your account needs to be settled by your last lesson. If your account is not settled by your child's last lesson you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee per lesson spot. If you have overpaid for lessons, the credit can remain on your account or you can request a refund. Please note all refunds will be issued in the form of a check.
Answer: For your lessons you will want to bring swimsuits and towels for your swimmers, and shower essentials if you want to use the facilities afterwards. Your swimmer may also want to bring goggles, but we always have plenty to borrow if they do not have their own. Our swimmers under the age of 3, must have a swim diaper with elastic at the waist and around both legs, you may also want to bring a swimsuit to go over their diaper, but this is not required.
Answer: Before your first lesson you will want to print and fill out our New Client Packet and bring it with you to 12225 NE 160th St.  Our pool is located on the east side of Woodmoor Elementary School.  You will enter the school facing the gym and pool will be on your left; you will enter the pool through the locker rooms.  Our wonderful water staff will collect your paperwork and help answer your questions.


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