Advance techinque

Day & Time: Saturdays 2:00 - 3:00pm

  • Coach: Kat
  • Tryouts: A Tryout must be scheduled prior to attending your first workshop

Workshop rate : Current member $22 - Non member rate: $28

The criteria for each clinic is as follows: (without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool):

  • Tryouts: 1:45pm Saturday
  • Must be 8 years of age or older
  • Freestyle Workshop:   50yds (2 lengths of the pool) Freestyle
  • Backstroke Workshop:   50yds Backstroke
  • Breaststroke Workshop:   50yds Breaststroke
  • Butterfly Workshop:   50yds Butterfly
  • Intro to Water Polo Workshop:   Qualify for Freestyle and Backstroke Workshops

*The play area will not be open for free swim during these clinics


This is a chance for your child to have extra time to work on their stroke and experience what a swim team practice might be like. Whether you see your child joining swim team in the future, or simply would like some extra time swimming, this is where you need to be.   You can ALSO use a makeup from classes to attend the workshops

The workshops will be LOOSELY based upon a typical swim team practice:

  • Stretch
  • Grab equipment needed for that day (kickboards, pull-buoys, paddles, fins)
  • Warm up
  • Intense focus on stroke of the day with drills, demonstrations, use of equipment
  • Correlate our new skills in to a MILD swim work out
  • Cool down

Equipment Order Form

Each week will feature a different stroke, with intermittently introducing beginner Water Polo skills.


If you have not swam with us before, you will need to have an account set up prior to requesting a spot.



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