ALL our classes are Individual 1-1 lessons.  We do not offer group classes. 

School Year Schedule Starts Sept 4th

Mon - Fri :  9:30am - 7:00pm

Sat: 9:15am - 1:15pm



  • Based on # of your scheduled days that occur in the month. $24.00 per class. Monthly range $72.00 - $120.00
  • Billing: Monthly or Upfront Deposit
  • Annual Registration fee: $35 per child with family max of $70. Renews on enrollment date.


Lesson Detail:

  • Ages: 6 months to adults
  • Individual instruction. (You are not the only person in the pool)
  • Parent can be in the lessons if desired for children up to 36 months.
  • Parent can be in the practice area if desired until the child has learned to float.
  • Individual 15 minute lesson spots; two or more lessons per week recommended for beginners.
  • 30 minute lessons are available by scheduling 2 lesson spots back-to-back. (recommended for adults, older beginners, or those with more advance abilities)
  • Lessons may be scheduled as a 1-time booking, as a reoccurring spot with a set number of weeks or as a reoccurring spot with no end date (subject to our 14 day withdrawal policy)
  • Exploration time is encouraged after the child's lesson in the shallow 2.5-3ft deep free swim area. This time is limited to 5- 10 minutes before and up to 20 minutes after the lesson.


Individual lessons allow for:

  • Swimmers to progress at their own pace.
  • Greater grasp and retention of concepts.
  • Improved level of comfort.
  • The instructors full attention dedicated to the swimmer's needs.
  • Modified/Adaptable instruction when needed.
  • Hands-on teaching method to help swimmers feel proper technique.
  • Parent interaction, involvement and transition - infants and more nervous children



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