Current Client Request to Change Priority Period 5/13-5/26

Summer Schedule starts Monday June 25th.




It is a submittal window and not first come first serve.

The form is for CURRENTLY SCHEDULED students only and will be verified. Siblings not enrolled, will be taken into consideration.

If you are currently in a spot and do not want to change anything at all, you DO NOT NEED to fill out the form. Your lessons will continue as currently scheduled.

 It is strictly a REQUEST FORM. You will submit certain days and times you are available for lessons. Please provide as much of your availability as you can so we may have a better chance to schedule you. Some types of requests may not be fulfilled. # of spots, specific teacher, duration of lesson.
We cannot guarantee a spot nor an instructor. We will do our very best and we may contact you for more info if availability is not available during your listed days and times.


~ If you do decide that a change is needed and request to have your child's current lesson spot CHANGED, He/She WILL be removed from that spot. He/She may not be placed back into that spot if your requests can't be accomodated. We have to remove each student that wants to change so that we know which spots we have in order to rearrange the students.

~ You can submit info for up to 2 kids. If you would like to change more than that, simply enter their info in child 2's comment field or submit an additional form.
~ Is your account balance current and in good standings? Accounts that are not current will have their requests held until account is in good standings.


Helpful date info:
~ Summer notifications will be sent around June 7th.

~ General open enrollment will begin June 13th @ 10:00am.***  Date subject to change.
~ Summer schedule June 25th – September 1st.
~ School Year schedule BEGINS Tuesday Sept 4th.
~ We will be CLOSED May 28th, July 4th & September 3rd .

7C's Policy Sheet


Click Here for the Request To Change Form

If you have questions or issues please contact us.


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Upcoming Closures

    May 28th

July 4th

We are not closed for any mid-winter or spring break.

You will not be billed for dates that we are CLOSED

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